Znanstveni kolokvij, Zagreb, 28. rujna 2018.
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Antun Matijašević Karamaneo's commentaries on Ovid

Antun Matijašević Karamaneo's commentaries on Ovid

Autor: Bratislav Lučin
Autor institution: Marulianum, Split


Antun Matijašević Karamaneo (1658-1721), poet, historian and antiquarian from the island of Vis is best known today for his poem in Latin hexameter in which he describes the theatre in Hvar (Carmen ad V. C. Jacobum Candidum, 1712). The present contribution deals with Karamaneo’s so far unstudied Latin commentaries published in the book P. Ovidii Nasonis libri Fastorum, Tristium et Ex Ponto, omnibus fere Heinsianae recensioni respondentes. Cum notis excerptis qua ex editione P. Biman Belgae, qua ex schedis anonymi Dalmatae. Venetiis: apud Laurentium Basilium, 1704. Since the book in question cites Karamaneo as an “anonymous Dalmatian”, this contribution first lists proof of Karamaneo’s authorship, and then describes the edition. This is followed by the basic information on the traits, sources and subject matter of Karamaneo’s commentaries. It is shown how he is particularly drawn to those places in Ovid’s text which he can albeit indirectly link to his own narrower or broader surroundings; on occasion he cont ibutes his own archaeological and antiquarian data, mentions his acquaintances and friends – scholars and antiquarians from Vis, Brač, Korčula. Karamaneo’s comments then acquire an intensely local, and even personal note, which is in this contribution shown on several examples.

Organizacijski odbor: prof. emerit. Vinko Grubišić, akademkinja Dubravka Oraić Tolić, akademik Pavao Pavličić, akademik Boris Senker, prof. dr. Cvijeta Pavlović